Rental Equipment

Save time and avoid the hassle of renting at the mountain. Spend your time on the slopes, not in the rental line. Get your rental gear from C&R Ski Outdoor!

Suggested steps for successful ski and snowboard rentals from C&R!

  1. Rent with C&R to avoid wasted time on the mountain!
  2. Prior to your trip, visit C&R for proper fitting and reservation of rentals.
  3. Pick up your rentals the day before your trip (without charge).
  4. Enjoy your day(s) on the slopes!
  5. Return your rentals the following day (without charge).
  6. Come back for another rental…or maybe the mountain has convinced you to buy your own set of ski's or snowboard…we'll help you with that as well.

*Please print off and fill out both forms below. Don't forget to bring them with you when renting.

*Filling out the forms ahead of time will ensure accuracy in your rentals and make the process easier and faster. Thanks in advance!

Rental Form




Rental Rates

                                           Weekday          Weekend

Snowboard               $28                $33
  Skis                          $23                 $28
  Helmet                      $10                 $10
  Bibs                          $10                 $10

Add $2.00 for ins.

To Register For A Wintergreen Rental Self-Registration

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